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Welcome, I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist covering Clapham, Clapham Common, Brixton and Dulwich, with consulting rooms in Clapham.

Counselling and psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to talk about your concerns, for example - relationship problems, anxiety, depression, bereavement, abuse or workplace issues. If you like many people, find it difficult or are unable to discuss your issues with friends or family a professional counsellor is a helpful resource.

My approach is integrative, working in a way that best suits you. I provide a safe and confidential environment where you will be listened to with empathy and sensitivity. You can talk freely about your concerns at a comfortable pace and depth to help overcome negative emotions and attain improved emotional wellbeing.

For an appointment, please contact me by email, telephone or text.


I see people experiencing a variety of problems, including relationship issues both at work and in the family. Through my voluntary counselling work with Victim Support and Woman's Trust, I see people affected by abuse, violence and trauma.

Bereavement and Loss

During my training I also had a placement with a bereavement service and have extra training and experience helping people manage bereavement whether recent or in the past. Loss including death, separation, divorce and ending of relationships and work/career changes. Talking about your experiences, sometimes for the first time, in a safe non-judgmental place can enable awareness, understanding and insight into yourself, helping you to move on and be your best self.

My experience helping people includes:

  • Anxiety, depression, unhappiness and low self-esteem


  • Life changes, including divorce and separation


  • Working with family systems and Systemic Constellations (family issues, conflicts and crises)


  • Relationship difficulties


  • Abuse and domestic violence


  • Survivors of childhood abuse


  • Problems with work: choices, redundancy and bullying


  • Bereavement and loss


  • Victims of crime


  • Trauma


  • Sexual violence and rape


  • Anger


  • Working with concerns over ageing


The therapeutic process enables you to find a way through to self-directed change. Being actively listened to, you can talk freely about issues at a pace and depth comfortable to you.

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My approach is person-centred/integrative and I believe together we can form a confidential and trusting
relationship, which will help you develop greater self awareness and personal insight. With an altered perspective you can overcome negative emotions and attain greatly improved emotional wellbeing.


For an initial confidential consultation, please contact me

Mobile: 07770 997166

Email: [email protected]


As a person-centered therapist and counsellor, I offer psychotherapy and counselling in Clapham, South West London.



I felt that I had reached an all time low after the death of my father, which led me to see a counsellor. It was my partner who encouraged me to seek therapy as it was having a highly damaging effect on our relationship and my outlook on life. I didn't feel like I was the person I used to be and was only drifting further and further away from my old self. Each day became a struggle to motivate myself to get up and get to work. At first I was concerned about opening up to a complete stranger, however I felt Louise's manner and friendly attitude gradually allowed me to talk about things that I wouldn't have done with anyone else. Her understand nature and active listening guided me through my problems and allowed me to begin to organise my thoughts and feelings again. Counselling is not a quick fix, but a gradual process, one that has allowed me to get back on track with my life.

- SW

I found my sessions with Louise to be extremely useful. The sessions have allowed me to calmly and (with Louise's support) objectively step back from some stressful situations and understand why I was reacting in a certain way. We also discussed potential strategies which has been helped me to be feel better prepared if a similar situation arises in the future. Louise is a very competent and empathetic counsellor, and I really enjoyed our sessions.

- AB

I’ve found each session useful and was looking forward to have an hour in the week talking about a topic of my choice, taking off pressure of my shoulders (would it be work, family or housemates). Especially in December, when the pressure of not being good enough would be overwhelming, it was comforting for me to know that a few days later, I would be able to discuss it and take a step back. Overall, the experience has worked really well for me. Talking with my father and setting boundaries in the office made a massive difference in my everyday life. Even though they may have seemed obvious from an external point of view, they weren’t for me.

- GC

I had been coping with many traumas over many years and the breakdown of an important relationship was the final straw. Usually coping, I knew I wasn’t! Louise provided a safe place to speak freely about how I felt about my life.. Issues I had visited before in previous counselling sessions took on a different meaning, and very slowly I was able to reframe some of my past and see better my place in the present. Over 18 months I began to feel stronger...Louise was kind and compassionate with a real skill of being able to spontaneously restate a perception I had in a different and very helpful way. I will return to Louise if I ever feel the need for this type of support in the future.

- GMcA

I decided to have some therapy sessions in order to help alleviate some of the anxiety I was suffering from earlier this year. I found it extremely helpful to have that space to talk freely and confidentially about anything that I was anxious about. After each session, I felt a great sense of relief and just being able to share my thoughts and feelings with someone impartial yet empathetic was invaluable to me. I would strongly urge anyone who is finding anxiety, depression or general unhappiness is affecting their daily lives to seek therapy.

- LB

I came to Louise with (what I thought was) a fairly straight-forward issue: my long-term relationship ended and I wanted to talk it over and start moving on. I wanted to be in and out, in as few sessions as possible. But as we started working together, Louise opened up a space for me to dive deeper into the way I thought, acted and reacted - and pretty soon, we'd gone far beyond the issues around my break up, and into uncharted territory for me. She taught me how to lean into the hard stuff, to not be afraid of my feelings, and helped me understand things that had been holding me back. All with compassion and kindness. In the end, we worked together for around 6 months, and I'm so glad we did - it felt like a real investment in myself and I'd highly recommend it.

- CK

I initially felt apprehensive about seeking professional help, but having a safe space to discuss the issues I was having, combined with Louise's highly professional and practical support, allowed me to address my feelings and find new approaches to manage challenges both now and in the future. It was an invaluable investment and taught me a lot about how to cope with anxiety, trauma and relationships. Louise is empathetic, kind and totally non-judgemental and I would highly recommend her as a therapist

- JJ

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